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Welcome to Sun, storms and sandals.

I’m Sally, and I live with my partner, Joël, and our two children (X, 6, and A, 4) in northern Australia. We have lived most of our adult lives in the tropics, in both Asia and Australia, and couldn’t imagine raising our children anywhere else.

We were living in a very remote area when both children were born, and, as such, much of our parenting inspiration and community has been gained online. I have encountered so many beautiful blogs sharing ideas for living alongside the seasons with young children, showcasing seasonal celebrations, poems, songs and stories, and observing changes in nature throughout the year, but have been left disappointed by the lack of resources for those living in climates that don’t follow the traditional ‘four seasons’. Despite more than a third of the Earth’s population living in the tropics, even after asking multiple librarians, educators, and online forums, I’m yet to find a picture book for pre-schoolers that mentions tropical seasons, let alone focuses on them.

Friends are constantly asking me about our local bird species, or for cooking ideas for obscure vegetables from our local market, or for gardening tips and resources (given our climate and planting seasons are so different to what they have grown up with elsewhere). Even when it comes to life with a newborn, there are so many topics and challenges unique to the tropics that I decided to start this blog to compile my stories, suggestions, ideas, and discoveries all in one place.

We recognise that we are privileged to offer our children a relaxed, open-air lifestyle. Our home is typical of our region’s traditional architecture, an elevated house with large banks of louvres in every room that let in natural light and open up to catch the breeze, and an undercover outdoor living area below. Even when we are inside, it feels as though we are outside. We spend much of our week at home, working and playing in the garden (whilst Joël is at work), interspersed with trips on our bike to the beach, parks, library, shops, and other places around our local community.

We travel frequently, for leisure and to visit friends and family all over the globe, and take plenty of ‘dry season’ camping trips and picnics. I hope to bring you tales of the tropics from beyond our front gate, as well as snapshots of our everyday life.

If your family lives in the tropics and has a story to share or a topic you would like to read about, please get in touch,

I look forward to hearing from you,


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